Welcome to St Demetrios Greek School

We welcome all families to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox School with a warm heart and open arms. At our school, we always aim to be the best we can and ensure all pupils journey throughout the school years are enjoyable and fulfilling. We achieve this by clearly defined aims and objectives, coupled with the support our Church and our hardworking PTA and Governors. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure our pupils achieve the best grades available (for them) at exam times and leave our school with a sense of belonging, having enjoyed their journey and got the most out of their learning’s and experiences with us. We encourage all parents to help our school where possible and to attend community events the school holds. This support will help us build on an already very successful school and e have a place for future generations to come and learn with us too.

greek school teachers

Our ethos and our aims are to:

  • Provide a pleasant and happy atmosphere for the children to learn to speak, read and write the Greek language;
  • Make the children feel proud of being Greek and to give them the basic knowledge of Greek culture, Orthodox religion and Christian ethos;
  • Value the work prepared by all the staff, committee members and parents, who are dedicated in maintaining the school to a high standard;
  • Provide pupils with a positive attitude towards the multi-ethnic society of London and to be a proud and conscientious member of the Greek community;
  • Continue to maintain high standards and expectations in both teaching and learning;
  • Uphold and teach the school curriculum which includes Greek language, humanities, traditions, dance and music.
  • Support children as required with individual tuition in oral development, vocabulary and reading;
  • Support our church and encourage children to attend church service every Sunday.

To find out more, please come and see us!