Introducing our teaching staff

At St Demetrios Greek School, we consider all our stakeholders to be family. We feel it is extremely important that our students are given the best possible education and we are blessed to have some amazing teaching staff. Let us introduce them to you.

greek school headteacher

Stavroula Prodromou

Head teacher

Hello everyone. Though no introduction is needed as most of you know me, let me tell you something about me. My name is Stavroula Prodromou and I am from Cyprus from a beautiful village called Rizokarpasso. After I finished my studies in Education I came to England and did a diploma in Teaching Greek & English as a Second language. I have been a Greek School Teacher for 40 years and worked in a mainstream Secondary School (Woodbridge High School –Essex) for 12 years. I am an Exams Officer and also an Examiner for Modern Greek since 1996. I feel very lucky to belong to the St.Demetrios Greek Orthodox Community and to be the head teacher at this excellent school since 2005. I feel privileged to have a dedicated team of teachers and parents that work so hard to make this Greek School a happy and safe place for our students that attend.

greek school teacher

Elena Talia

Reception class teacher

Hello all, my name is Elena, and I teach reception at St. Demetrios Greek School. I have been here for 10 years. I started out as a TA for 3 years and later had my own class. Prior to this, I was a student at St. Demetrios from the age of 5. Throughout my time here I went to university and gained a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Clinical Child Psychology. I enjoy working with young children and often I do talk to older students about my experience growing up and feeling proud to be part of this community and proud to be able to give something back to the young generation of students that attend our Greek School.

greek school teacher

Natalia Aquilina

Year 1 Class teacher

I have been a Teacher at St Demetrios Greek School since September 2017, teaching Early Years to Key Stage 1.The focus for the children is to listen, understand and to be able to communicate with the Teacher and fellow peers in Greek.

I began my Greek School journey at the same school, where I learnt to read, write, sing and dance then to finally gain my teaching qualifications.

My passion in life is to teach a child something that they will then use in the future for the rest of their lives.

Zoe Fostini

Year 1+ Class teacher

Γεια σας! My name is Zoi Fostini and I am teaching Greek to first year (advanced) children. I have been working at St. Demetrios Greek School since 2016 once I moved to London to continue my postgraduate studies in Speech, Language and Communication. The past years I had the opportunity to teach the Greek language to children of different year groups, aged between 5 and 12 years old. Currently, I am also working in a special needs school for students with Autism and I specialise in the field of speech and language therapy and special education. The passion for teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language motivated me to teach non-native speakers and share my knowledge on Greek language, history and culture. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to teach in this amazing school and build excellent professional relationships with all my colleagues!

Theodora Kollia

Year 1+ and Year 2 Class teacher

My name is Theodora Kollia and I am a member of St Demetrios’ teaching team from 2018. I have received my degree in Early Childhood Education at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2002. As someone with more than 18 years of teaching experience I have a passion of sharing knowledge and I am thrilled at the opportunity to make a positive impact on this away from my birth place, welcoming wonderful community.

Eleni – Maria Chalepa

Year 2 class teacher

I was born and grew up in Kalamata, which is a lovely city by the sea, in Greece. When I needed to decide what job I would like to do, I knew that I wanted to teach. I decided to study Computer Science and Technology in Education. I got my degree from the University of Peloponnese and then I moved to London to further my Education. I have a four years experience in education in London. During my first year I worked as a teaching assistant and cover supervisor in nurseries, primary and secondary schools and cover tutor in colleges. I first started as a cover teacher at St Demetrios Greek school and then I was offered a teaching position at this lovely Greek School.

Andri Tsangari

Year 3 class teacher

Hello to all the parents. I would like to introduce myself though I have been teaching at St.Demetrios Greek School for 8 years now. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s Degree, in Curriculum Development and Educational Technology also from Cyprus. I then came to London to attend King’s College London after I was chosen to receive a Scholarship Award where I completed my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), History & Politics. I have been a teacher at St. Demetrios Greek School and in the UK since 2014. My main goal was to teach according to the EDEXCEL curriculum for Modern Greek and apply differentiation and innovative teaching methods in order to help my students to excel at the exams. Currently I am a full time teacher in a mainstream school. Despite my busy day time routine I am teaching year 3 students with the passion that I always have. St.Demetrios Greek School is so special not only for me but for most of the staff that we continue to teach here.

Efterpi Efthymiadou

Year 4 class teacher

I studied Greek Philology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and then did my masters in Creative Writing at the University of Western Macedonia. During my second masters in Comparative Literature at AUTH, I did a year abroad at UCL, focusing on Classics. I have worked at Greek and British schools in London, I am now a teacher at a mainstream School and also I have been teaching at St. Demetrios School since 2021. Teaching students their mother language makes me happy and I also feel that I belong in this Greek community away from home.

Christina Karapetian

Year 4 Class teacher

My name is Christina Karapetian and I was born and raised in Greece. I finished my education there until I moved to the UK to continue my studies in Education. I am currently following a Bachelor of Criminology which I will finish in 2024.

I’ve been working as a Greek teacher for the past 6 years. Teaching young children has always been a passion and working here is a great opportunity with a wonderful working environment.

Georgios Taxiarchis Ragias

Year 5 class teacher

I hold a BA in Pedagogics and Primary Education from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Special Education – Learning difficulties/ Dyslexia. I also had training in Teaching Greek as a Second language. Currently I am doing a Masters in Creative Writing. I have been a teacher at St.Demetrios Greek School since 2018 having to take time off to return to Greece to do my military service. On my return to UK I am a Primary School Teacher, currently working in Early Years and a Greek Teacher working the last two years in St Demetrios Greek School.

Ioannis Fotiades

Year 5 Class teacher

I joined St.Demetrios Greek School this year after I was appointed by KEA, and I will be taking over Year 5 Group – Midweek School. I hold a BA in Primary Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education from the University of Manchester, while also having acquired Qualified Teacher Status in 2015. I have gained extensive experience within the British Educational context, having taught from 2015-2020 at various English schools, international primary schools and Greek community schools, I was also appointed as the Head teacher of the Greek School in Oxford during the school year 2019-2020. I am very interested in the Greek language, as well as the Greek-Cypriot history, civilization and culture, and I am always keen on conveying such knowledge to students, alongside the Greek values and spirit.

Sofia Karampatzaki

Year 6 Class teacher

I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. I also worked as a Greek school teacher at St. Catherine’s School in Virginia USA and I have spent most of my working life teaching Greek in various countries including Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and now the United Kingdom. I thoroughly enjoy working with pupils and looking forward to this academic year. I am delighted to return for a second year at St Demetrios School teaching Greek Language to Year 6 students. I have previously taught Year 5 at St Demetrios School and I am also currently a Teaching Assistant at Kensington Primary Academy in West London.

Elena Vranga Charalambous

GCSE1&2 Class teacher

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Master’s degree in Social and Political Sciences. I have been in education for 13 years. I have been working for the Greek School in UK for 7 years. The last two years I am a member of the Educational mission of Cyprus KEA. I am delighted to be again this year at St.Demetrios Greek School.

Andriani Hadjiconstanti

GCSE1 Class Teacher

I hold Bsc Biological Sciences following an MSc in Cancer, Molecular and Cellular Biology. I also hold a Teaching Qualification which was challenging as it gave me an opportunity to have an impact on the future generation. My communication, leadership, technological and writing skills were enhanced by going to primary and secondary schools where I learnt how to teach and approach the students. I am delighted to be able to teach GCSE students and my goal is to make them learn the Greek language and learn about our culture.

Elissa Xenophontos

GCSE2 Class teacher

I studied Greek language and Philosophy at the University of Athens. I completed my master’s degree at UCL. I have been in education for so many years in English Schools (Edmonton County and Highlands school) and also in various Greek schools, as member of the Cypriot and Greek educational mission for 8 years. I also worked in a Secondary school in Polemidia – Limassol Cyprus. I have been an examiner for Greek GCSE and A level. In 2020 I was honoured by Borough of Barnet for recognition of my outstanding service to the Greek community. I took part in many GCSE and GCE seminars and have been a speaker on many occasions.

Ntiana Anastasiadou

Supply Teacher

Hi everyone. My name is Ntiana Anastasiadou. I hold Bachelor of Arts, Classical Philology, Ancient Greek and Latin. I have been teaching in mainstream schools for many years. I have been a teacher at St.Demetrios Greek School since 2014 teaching all years in Primary and also GCSE students. As you all know I took some time off to have my little baby boy in August but will continue as a supply until I can return full time.

Anna Costara

Dance teacher Midweek School

I am a Greek Cypriot born in London with a passion for Greek Dancing and Greek customs. Although I was born here my first spoken language was Greek. At the age of 15 I started training for 3 years as a teaching assistant to become a Greek Dance teacher. Having finished my training I then began teaching at several Greek schools in London. I also continued to attend many Greek dancing seminars from Greece & Cyprus. I teach Greek Cypriot traditional Dances as well as traditional dances from Greece. Through my experience traditional dancing gives us the opportunity to follow our history and culture. My goal is to make sure all my students are proud of being Greek and enjoy Greek dancing.

Nikol Kyprianou

Dance teacher Saturday Greek School

I am a professional dancer, performer, and a dance teacher. I was trained professionally at London Studio Centre and performed at theatres in London and in Cyprus. At St Demetrios Greek School I will be teaching all the students from reception to A level our traditional Greek and Cypriot dances, to help them develop a closer relationship with their culture and enjoy dancing all our Greek and Cypriot dances.

Elena Pleki

Teaching Assistant

I have attended St. Demetrios Greek School as a native speaker. Through being a student at St Demetrios, I enjoyed every aspect from learning the language and familiarising myself with the Greek culture. Hence, this inspired me in becoming a teacher assistant to help young children, but also to keep up with the language and act as a role model for all the students of our Greek School.

Sylvia Karapetian

Teaching assistant

Hello, my name is Sylvia and I’m a Teacher assistant here at the Greek school. I was born in Greece and attended School until we moved to London. I have attended St.Demetrios Greek School to do my Exams but also to help other students learn our beautiful language. I’m here for whenever the teachers or students need me, whether it’ll be to help with their studies or just someone to talk to.