Welcome from the chairman

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing our Greek school for your child. Whether it’s your first year with us or you’re returning we looking forward to working with you to help with your child’s education.

At St Demetrios Greek School we’re passionate about developing our students and improving on successes of the past and with the help of each parent, we’re able to co-create our children’s future.

When my committee and I took the positions we did, we knew the challenges that faced us in trying to build improvements and increase the school intake numbers for the current generation. The reasons for this were mainly because most of our pupils now are 3rd generation Cypriots whose parents themselves may not speak Greek frequently and some even not at all. Therefore unlike my generation where it was essential to learn the language, as it was the first language of my parents, this is a very different story for us today as English is our children’s first language. It is because of this change and subsequent dilution that we’ve seen a fall in numbers across all Greek language schools in the UK, and we have even see the closure of some Greek schools too. I don’t believe this is necessarily a failing however, as I think it’s just a natural inertia of a great cosmopolitan city like London is. What it is is a test of our resolve and commitment to our history and our culture, and all the things that made us who are today.


greek school chairman in london

Therefore when we think about our Greek school or indeed any other in the community, we must think more than just a part time social club for our kids, or a drop off centre on Saturday mornings; we must think about things like traditions, heritage, history and involving our children in being part of something which can stand the test of time, which can help their vocation and education grow and indeed help them grow and understand their deep rooted past.

We must therefore continue to protect our schools and continue to reinforce the message that a second language, especially one which our children’s grandparents spoke, has immense significance in our children’s lives and isn’t something we shouldn’t take lightly.

It is because of this I encourage all parents and friends of St Demetrios Greek School to stand together and help us maintain our schools presence and get involved where possible, as with your continued support, by continuing to bring your children to our Greek school, attending our events and letting our children see us all participating in these events, we can build this experience into their ways of life and we can continue to build on the success we have already achieved and help preserve the very special thing we have; our Greek school.

I look forward to meeting you all.


Andreas Chrysanthou