The Health & Fire Marshal Coordinator

Alex Graham

The First Aid Coordinator

Elena Talia

The First Aid Team

Elena Talia

Natalia Akouilina

The Fire Marshals Team

Alex Graham

Elena Talia

Stavroula Prodromou

The PTA Management Committee Responsibilities


Andreas Chrysanthou

Nick Daniel

Andria Themistokleous 

Andy Halloumas

Michael Michael

Demetris Demetriou





Our Health & Safety policy, reflects the consideration we give to the protection of our children both within the school environment and when away from the school when undertaking school trips and visits. We confirm that project premises, play equipment and play areas are safe and suitable.


Policy Statement

Our Policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people, including clients who may be affected by our activities or attend at our premises

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement the policy are set in this document. The policy will be kept up to date particularly if the Project changes in size or nature. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed every year by the PTA Management Committee



The overall and final responsibility for health and safety in School lies with the PTA Management Committee

The co-ordinator shall be responsible for ensuring the policy is carried out in the work place

In the absence of the Co-ordinator the Administrator shall act as deputy

All members of staff have the responsibility to co-operate with management to achieve a healthy and safe work place and to take reasonable care of themselves and others

Whenever a member of staff or a member of the Management Committee notices a health or safety problem which they are not able to put right, they must immediately inform the Co-ordinator

Consultation between staff and Management Committee regarding and safety matters, including this policy shall take a place at meetings of the Management Committee at which staff are present and to ensure that the premises conforms to health and safety guidelines.


General Arrangements – Accidents & First Aid

The first aid box is kept on the filing cabinet in the office

The Accident record book is kept with the first aid box

The person responsible for the box is Miss Elena Talia



Checking the arrangements and equipment for general life safety, exist routes extinguishers on route is the responsibility of the Management Committee

Fire extinguishers within School building are Management committee’s responsibility and will be checked annually.

Extinguishers are located at the entrance hall, the main hall, the classroom, the kitchen and the office.

The fire exits shall be unobstructed at all times and it shall be the responsibility for the person opening the office in the morning to ensure that they are unlocked.

All new workers shall be made aware of the arrangements for fire safety as part of the induction

Fire Marshals: Alex Graham, Father John Hookway, Elena Talia, Stavroula Prodromou


Cleaning of the office and classrooms is the responsibility of the caretaker which includes the emptying of bins

The kitchen shall be cleaned by the cleaning lady. Her duty is to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned, the fridge/coffee machine /kettle, are cleaned and to clean the floor

Members of the staff are responsible for washing their own crockery, cutlery etc. They should also ensure that all food is put away and that surfaces are left clean.

Entrance and exits must be kept clear at all times

All deliveries will be dealt with upon arrival and put in the designated place.


All cleaning chemicals must be stored upright in sealed containers and placed in the appropriate cabinet. No chemicals shall be left open or placed on the floor

All chemicals shall be used in accordance with the supplier’s instructions only

Spillages of any chemicals should be dealt with immediately avoiding skin contact and as directed by the supplier’s label.


St.Demetrios Health and Safety Representatives are The Safeguarding Team