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We welcome all families to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox School with a warm heart and open arms. At our school, we always aim to be the best we can and ensure all pupils journey throughout the school years are enjoyable and fulfilling. We achieve this by clearly defined aims and objectives, coupled with the support our Church and our hardworking PTA and Governors. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure our pupils achieve the best grades available (for them) at exam times and leave our school with a sense of belonging, having enjoyed their journey and got the most out of their learning’s and experiences with us. 

Dear parents,

Welcome back to St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox School. We hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays and that you are looking forward to the new school year.

We will once again ready to welcome all our students for this academic year and all the new children joining our school.

The Committee has worked tirelessly to ensure that the school can open in a safe and secure manner as previously and we thought it was important to share with you an overview of the plan to re-open our Greek School.

Drop off /Pick up:

  • The car park will be closed for the use of vehicles. Please leave more time to complete your journey to the school. Please ensure that you park appropriately around the school site, being considerate of the residents and other road users and other parents and children who may be crossing roads at this time.


Parents will need to escort their child/children from the car park gates and go to the hall where their teachers will be waiting for the morning prayers and assembly.  Teachers will escort the children back to school. You will also be notified of planned dates that a short church service for our students will take place in the church. Parents are welcome to stay if they wish.

  • At the end of the school day children will be brought outside by their teachers. We ask that you arrive on time to help with this part of the school day. The Headteacher will only release the child/children to persons named as a contact.
  • All students should arrive on Saturday by 9.15am ready for assembly. All students will be brought out by their teachers for Pick up at 1.30pm.
  • Midweek School Tuesday /Thursday students should arrive at 4.45pm and teachers will bring them out for Pick up at 8.00pm.
  • If your child/children must leave school early for any reason please email in advance, for arrangements to be in place. In the event that any message needs to be given to the Headteacher or Class Teacher this can be done by telephone or email.

Curriculum / Learning

  • We would like to inform you of what your child/children need to bring with them to school and how to complete homework given to them. To ensure you are kept fully up to date with your child’s progress at school, we will continue to inform you via email about their homework. An email by all teachers should be sent to you by Sunday lunch time. Please reply back to the teacher if is anything you do not understand or email the School if you have not received an email from your child’s teacher. Please complete the home-school agreement.


Children should bring the following as their basic equipment in every lesson:

  • Their reading book and activity books that the class teacher will give them. Some children forget their books at home or losing them. We bought only enough books for our students and are very difficult to replace them every time. Exercise books (spelling, work book essay book etc.) Their teachers according to the class there in, will give one or more exercise books to every student.
  • Please provide a folder with plastic pockets so they can keep their copies and a pencil case which will contain at least 2 pencils, 2 rubbers and 1 pen. They are free to bring any coloured pens as well. Please, make sure that your children have their equipment, books and lunch/snacks in their bags before they come to school.


Your main job with homework is to ensure your child has completed it.  You may need to ask them to show you what they have done.

As we only meet them once a week and without any work at home, it is not possible for them to retain what they learn in class in the long-term. Homework is set on a weekly basis. It will be distributed as follows: Saturday students set on Saturdays, handed in the following Saturday & Midweek students set on Tuesday handed in on the following Tuesday.  Please encourage your child to do their homework and to read at least twice a week. Also a challenge for all parents to speak only Greek to their children on one or two days per week.


Please provide a packed snack of what your child likes to have at break. Young and older students are not allowed to leave the school at any time.


Please note that you will be unable to enrol your child without completion of the registration form. It is very important to have your contacts in case of an emergency.

If there are any medical or behaviour issues it is very important that we are aware of these. If you fail to add any relevant information on the form, your place at the school is at risk.


Students will  attend a church service as mentioned and will be offered the opportunity to receive Holy Communion. If for any reason you do not want your child to have the holy communion or attend the service, please inform the headteacher in writing.


We often use photos of students in our newsletters and press releases to give a flavour of school life at St Demetrios Greek School and keep the community informed about what our students do and to celebrate achievements.

Please complete the consent form attached to your registration form.


The school building has been thoroughly cleaned before re-opening. Additional measures have also been put in place:

  • Additional tissues/hand sanitizers/wipes have been made available throughout the school building and at the main entrance to the School to assist with maintaining good hygiene;
  • Children will be encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer more frequently throughout the day;
  • The toilets will be cleaned regularly throughout the school day as well as common touch points such as light switches, door handles and hand rails;

We are confident that your child will have a happy, productive and enjoyable year but should you wish to discuss anything please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment to discuss any of the above.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Kind Regards,


Headteacher & Executive Committee – St.Demetrios Greek School 

September 2023

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